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Quality Standards

  • Pharma Dynamics team are a special breed as you will see from our staff profiles.
  • We use innovative processes to achieve amazing results.
Strength Criteria Training
  • Our broad regional coverage
  • Managing large projects at the same time, with the same quality
  • Ensure quality control at all stages
  • Strict and detailed work process to ensures quality execution of the research projects and strictly implementation in all our field work
  • Quality of our caliber's, managed by dedicated supervision and experienced management
  • Specialist medical researchers with medical background
  • Knowledge of therapy areas
  • Experience of recruiting and interact with interviewing healthcare professionals and patients
  • Motivated, Pleasant, enthusiastic and commitment team
  • Technical understanding of the subject and how to obtain the right answers to the important questions
  • Persistence to get the right information from the right individual
  • Continuous development program & part of our quality assurance process
  • We provide training for interviewers, supervisors, managers such as…;
  • Marketing Strategy overview
  • Marketing Planning elements
  • Basics for market research
  • Live field work techniques
  • Communication effectiveness
  • Time & stress management
  • Customer relation management
  • Project management
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